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As a lifelong dancer and experienced dance instructor, Dallin works with his wife Caitee to create customized dance experiences for your audience. Look through the options below, then contact Dallin for a consultation to craft the ideal dance event that will leave your attendees, inspired, energized, and ready to rock the dance floor.

Keynote: Overcoming Life's Fears & Anxieties

This powerful keynote addresses the all-too-familiar topics of inadequacy, labels, and shame. Participants will learn how to take control of the narrative they tell themselves so they can pursue their dreams with confidence.

While this keynote can be tailored to any audience, it is specifically designed for youth audiences, and works particularly well at events that have dances. Most teenagers that avoid dances do so out of a sense of shame or embarrassment. This keynote helps them challenge those feelings, and the dance lets them immediately put the principles from the keynote into action in a clear and meaningful way.

Dance Instruction

Dallin has taught hundreds of participants to waltz, polka, swing, and line dance. From small groups of high school students in rural Wyoming to college professors in one of China’s largest cities, Dallin’s instruction has transcended language and culture barriers to leave participants excited to test out their new moves. His humor and patience give students the freedom to laugh at their mistakes and celebrate their progress as they learn to love dance.

“Our youth were so much more willing to get on the dance floor and try new things after working with Dallin and Caitee. They were amazing!”

Jamie Maddock

Youth Advisor

Party Starting & 1-on-1 Coaching

You’ll be amazed at what can happen when you have professional boots on the ground at your dance.

Dances often have an awkward moment when the music has started, but people are hesitant to get on the floor. Dallin and Caitee eliminate this problem by being the first and most enthusiastic dancers.

There will always be attendees who are more excited to learn more or at a faster rate than can be accommodated in a group dance setting. Throughout the dance, Dallin and Caitee will give these individuals one-on-one instruction and coaching.

The best part is that those students then dive back onto the dance floor and share their new knowledge with even more people!

Dance Consulting

When you work with Dallin in any capacity, he acts as your partner on making the perfect event. With years of experience across a variety of venues, Dallin brings a wealth of insights and connections. He can connect you with skilled DJs, help you avoid common mistakes with lights, sound, and layout, and so much more. 

Dance Instruction

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