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About Dallin Cooper

Ethics & Marketing Expert

After working in marketing for a few years, I started my journey into the world of ethics when I got the idea to write a book about candor and transparency. As I researched the topic, I became aware of the significant lack of ethics in our current marketing environment. No wonder marketing gets a reputation for being scummy!

So I’ve set out to try to fix it. I launched the Ethical Marketing Initiative to educate businesses and consumers, and I spend my time training and speaking on the subject of ethics to businesses. I try to make it a positive conversation. My presentations aren’t about condemning and blaming. They are about trying to be better, and generally, have quite a bit of light humor and more than one alpaca or sheep reference.

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Recent Articles

What My Tonsillectomy Taught Me About Ethics

I doubt I'm alone in thinking that the medical world as a whole has a problem with transparency. It's a topic that has frustrated me for a long time, and because of it, I tend to avoid doctors at all costs. If I'm going to get my car repaired, I can tell them what's...

A Great Example Of Accountability By Breyer

Today we're going to be looking at a company that's done something right in the world of ethics, and that company is Breyer. It isn't a company that gets a lot of publicity, but despite that, they have done some great things in their corner of the world. Breyer is a...

Bethesda’s Ethical Marketing Faux Pas

Marketing ethics is one of my favorite subjects to talk about, and we recently saw a great example of a company getting in big trouble by not giving ethics the attention it deserves. Here's what went down. The Situation Bethesda has a longstanding reputation for...

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