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The Communication Skills They Need to Thrive

What if you know something I don’t?

This question, seared into Dallin’s mind by a terrifying yet miraculous experience on his family sheep ranch, set him on a path of understanding how individual perspective affect behavior. Using research-backed methods and award-winning humor, Dallin takes students on this globe-spanning journey to not only better understand themselves, but to understand and strengthen their relationships with peers, parents, and teachers.


Presentation Topics

Why Not Ask? The Secret To Conflict-Free Communication

It’s estimated that 90% of all conflicts are born from misunderstanding. This presentation takes students on a journey far outside their own perspective to a sheep ranch in rural Wyoming and teaches them the skills they need to understand someone else’s point of view. Using research-backed methods and award-winning humor, this program is sure to engage, inspire, and educate students and teachers alike.

Key Takeaways & Outcomes
  • Reduce student/student and student/teacher conflict

  • Help students identify and eliminate personal bias

  • Develop honest communication skills

“Definitely the best speaker we’ve ever had at our school!”



“Dallin has a gift for not only speaking, but truly helping an audience understand how to make real changes in their lives. I absolutely loved watching him work with my students, and they genuinely enjoyed the experience – not always true for high schoolers!”

Linda Griffin

High School Teacher

Get On The Bull: Confronting And Conquering The Challenges of Leadership

Bull riding is one of the most extreme sports in the world. But each day, leaders face challenges that are just as intimidating as a 1600-pound bovine. Based on Dallin’s book of the same title, Get On The Bull gives student leaders the skills they need to lift, inspire, and transform the lives of those they lead.
Key Takeaways
  • Gaining perspective and courage to confront life’s “bulls”
  • Developing grit to endure difficult challenges
  • Embracing mistakes: Building trust through accountability and transparency


“I had students coming up and saying ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me any of this before?’ and ‘They should do this every year.’ It was incredible!”

– Tim Bessette, Campbell County High School


Get On The Bull

Dallin’s new book, Get On The Bull, explores time-tested leadership principles through the unique lives of professional bull riders. The entertaining stories and examples throughout the book transform well-known concepts like “Honesty” and “Grit” into actionable steps to improve as a leader.

Get On The Bull provides the tools needed to be not just a better leader, but a better person. Those that are familiar with Dallin’s presentations will recognize his unique voice as he brings these one-of-a-kind stories and lessons to life.

Get On The Bull was a great ride! It’s built on a fascinating metaphor that makes this quick read all the more interesting, and makes its lessons all the more accessible. You have something to learn from these insightful and intense stories-and you’re going to enjoy it.”

-David Kasperson

Co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Trust & Inspire

Get On The Bull: Developing Attitudes and Behaviors For Effective Leadership

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