Give Teachers

The Skills To Improve Student Behavior and Emotional Maturity

Eliminate Misunderstandings In The CLassroom

Teachers and administrators are under more scrutiny than ever, and even the smallest misunderstandings can escalate into serious conflict. Dallin’s engaging and entertaining professional development sessions are customized to help educators eliminate conflict and build lasting relationships of trust — with colleagues, parents, students, and the community.


Presentation Topics

Why Not Ask? The Secret To Conflict-Free Communication

It’s estimated that 90% of all conflicts are born from misunderstanding. This professional development program gives educators the skills they need to eliminate many of those conflicts. Using research-backed methods and award winning humor, this program teaches educators how to communicate with students in a way that helps them develop personal confidence and emotional maturity.

Key Takeaways & Outcomes
  • Reduce student/student and student/teacher conflict

  • Help teachers identify and eliminate personal bias

  • Build trust between educators and students, parents, and communities
High School Keynote Speaker

“Every Student (And Teacher) Needs to Hear This Message!”

-Loree Cox, LHS


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