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Before You Book

Before booking Dallin for your event, you may want to get to know him a little bit more. The best way to get a feel for Dallin’s speaking style is to visit his Youtube Channel. Speaking into a camera isn’t the same as speaking in front of a crowd; it’s much harder. So if you think he’s engaging on video, you’ll find him thrilling in person. You can find two examples here on this very page.

You can also interact with Dallin directly on LinkedIn. His account isn’t curated by an assistant or social media manager. It is 100% Dallin. He’s always open to questions and new connections.

And to really get a feel for Dallin’s message, you can read his book, Get On The Bull: Developing Attitudes And Behaviors For Effective Leadership. The book mirrors a keynote presentation with the same name, and will give you clear insight into what you’ll hear at your event.


After You Book

Dallin wants your event to be as successful as possible. Here, you’ll find the resources you need to make that happen. Below you’ll find a speaker kit with photos and biographies of different types that you can use in marketing materials. Dallin’s goal is to make topics like ethics fun and engaging, so you’ll even find some sillier photos and bios that you can use if that matches the mood of your event. If it’s in the speaker kit, you have permission to use it.

There’s also a link to a questionnaire. This questionnaire will allow Dallin to tailor his program to match your specific audience, promote you event, and ensure that he does everything possible to you reach your goals. The questionnaire isn’t required, but it is strongly encouraged.


Presentation Topics

The Trust Vortex

As Dallin’s flagship presentation, The Trust Vortex is part ethics training, part marketing instruction, and part culture development. Despite technology that constantly connects us, people are getting more and more socially isolated.  If you want a better relationship with someone, you need to trust them more and you need them to trust you more. Unfortunately, people don’t come with a handy Trust-o-Meter that displays trust levels and outlines all the benefits of increased trust, which is why we need The Trust Vortex.

Key Takeaways & Details
  • Four easy to apply principles that will build trust with virtually anyone
  • Shifting Momentum: Rebuilding damaged trust

  • The lasting impact of trust in your organization

Get On The Bull: Developing Attitudes & Behaviors for Successful Leadership

There is a clear difference between being just a boss and being a leader. A boss has power and influence because someone gave them a title. A leader has power and influence because they earned it from those around them. Regardless of position, an ethical leader lifts, inspires, and encourages those around them; not only to perform better, but to become better. Those they lead are happier, more productive, and more innovative because they know they have a leader who truly has their best interests at heart.

Key Takeaways & Details
  • Why ethical leadership matters

  • Embracing mistakes: Building trust through accountability and transparency

  • Improving communication and morale through consideration

Ethics For Humans

Ethics and compliance have a major branding issue. If you have to preface your trainings with the word “mandatory”, you aren’t in a great spot. But that’s exactly how most ethics trainings are introduced. Ethics for Humans moves the conversation away from lists of unacceptable behavior and cautionary tales about lawsuits. Instead, we focus on the benefits of ethics and developing moral maturity in a way that ignites a passionate advocacy for ethical behavior in participants. And when every employee is an advocate for ethics, compliance practically takes care of itself.

Key Takeaways & Details
  • How to make ethics fun (or at the very least interesting)

  • The transformational power of moral development in our personal and professional lives

  • How culture, ethics, and compliance interact and ways to use that interaction to create meaningful change

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