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Schools Need A Different Kind of Ethics Speaker

Let’s be honest, when you tell people that you’re going to have a presentation about ethics, they don’t usually respond with an enthusiastic “Yippee! Ethics!” And students are no exception. Dallin is a new kind of ethics speaker that focuses on instilling a true love of moral development and accountability in his listeners. One way he does that is by limiting the usage of cliché “scare tactics” where participants are warned of the terrible consequences of poor behavior. Instead, he uses relatable stories, pop culture examples, and even impromptu audience participation to illustrate the benefits that ethics has on their lives right now and in the future. They don’t just learn how to be better people, they gain a long-lasting desire to act on that knowledge.

Want an example of Dallin teaching ethical principles in innovative and relatable ways? Try this video or one of the others on his YouTube Channel.

Presentation Topics

Ethics For Humans: The Secret To Being A Better Person

Students represent the future, and we can all agree that a future filled with more ethical and moral people is something we want. Your students want that too. After all, nobody starts out hoping to cheat, plagiarize, or face extensive disciplinary action. They end up there because they find themselves in desperate situations without the tools to handle them. Ethics For Humans is designed to give students the resources they need to make sound moral decisions in a way that they find engaging and exciting. But more importantly, it leaves them with an enthusiasm for ethics that does more than just cut down on academic dishonesty. It sets them up for a better life.

Key Takeaways

Attendees will learn:

  • Why they should care about ethics and morality in the first place

  • Why good people make bad decisions and how to avoid those traps

  • Frameworks for decision-making that can be applied to any situation

Get On The Bull: Developing Attitudes & Behaviors for Successful Leadership

Bull riding is one of the most extreme sports in the world. But each day, we all face challenges that are just as intimidating as a 1600-pound bovine. Based on Dallin’s book of the same title, Get On The Bull gives attendees the skills they need to lift, inspire, and transform their own life and the lives of those they influence. These principles of ethical leadership do much more than just creating better leaders. They create better people.

Key Takeaways

This presentation is particularly relevant for student leadership organizations, as well as faculty and staff. They will learn:

  • How ethical leadership transforms people and shapes cultures

  • Embracing mistakes: Building trust through accountability and transparency

  • Improving communication and morale through consideration

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