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College And Career Readiness Topics

Find Your Inner Mastermind

Experience career exploration with a twist where students learn to identify, develop, and apply their specific talents and interests. Backed by his experience across dozens of industries, as well as his own startups, Dallin helps students prepare for their lives in college and careers after graduation.

Key Takeaways & Outcomes
  • Help students identify their skills and passions

  • Identify unconventional career paths

  • Understand realism and idealism

“[Dallin] does an excellent job of telling a good story that connects with his audience. I highly recommend him!” -Dr. Chase Thiel, University of Wyoming

Dr. Chase Thiel

Professor, University of Wyoming

Student Entrepreneurship

Dallin is a serial entrepreneur. From when he first started selling baked goods out of his backpack, to founding a digital marketing agency in college, then building a dog chew company, he has successfully bootstrapped businesses time and time again. As a passionate advocate for young entrepreneurs, Dallin will craft a program based on your audience’s needs. In addition to “keynote” style presentations, he is available for workshops and panels that help youth entrepreneurship programs.

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